Parenting Event Sponsor Announced

DWF have been announced as the sponsor for our upcoming Parenting Event.

Midland LGBT Management Committee member, and DWF FICM Director Neil Jinks will also be speaking at the event next month to be held in DWF's Birmingham's office.

DWF are committed to a vibrant, energetic and diverse business - allowing everyone to reach their full potential and pass that value on to clients. 

DWF promise to:

  • Create and maintain an inclusive workplace that respects and embraces diversity.
  • Ensure all our people and all our clients are treated as individuals and valued for their contribution to the business.
  • Facilitate opportunities for all by recognising and realising potential both in employment and business.
  • Ensure that DWF operates within legislative, risk and best practice frameworks.
  • Encourage our people, clients and suppliers to demonstrate ownership and responsibility for diversity and inclusion.