Committee Member Update

At last month's AGM elections were held for the Network's Management Committee for the 2015.

Committee Members Michael McEntee, Steven De Souza-Wilson and Yvonne Kenny stepped down.

Also announcing his departure was long-standing Chair Sean Russell.

At the same meeting, Bryan Manley-Green and Keith Kent were re-appointed to their roles as Membership Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Elected to the Committee for the first time were Neil Jinks who takes on a general support role within the Committee and Claire McHale who became Secretary.

Millennium Point's Director of Marketing, Communications and Events and Chair of Birmingham LGBT's SHOUT, Neil Anderson, was elected to the position of the Network's Chair.

Upon his appointment, Neil Anderson said "I'm thrilled to have had the support and confidence of our members and to take on the role of Chair for the forthcoming year.  Sean and the Committee have done wonders over the years to build up an active and loyal network of supporters, advocates and sponsors.  It is my intention to build upon this legacy and raise awareness and the profile of our work through re-energising our brand and continuing to bring interesting and exciting events to our members."