Millions of people are 'employed' within the Midland region.

From freelancers, part time workers, and consultants to SMEs, charities, divisions of multinational corporations and public sector institutions; the make-up of the region’s workforce is diverse and varied.

Just as diverse are the individuals who represent and comprise the ‘workforce’ of these organisations and entities.

Across all of these areas and organisations will be individuals who identify as belonging to the LGBT community.



Founded in 2010, operating predominately within the West Midlands and beyond with the help of generous organisations and donors; it is the aim of the Midland LGBT Employee Network to bring together these individuals, their organisational LGBT Networks, their allies and other supporters in order to meet and share ideas.

We firmly believe that when a person brings ‘their whole self to work’ it not only benefits them but their employer too.  Identifying as LGBT or coming out within any workplace can sometimes be a daunting but ultimately a rewarding and life-affirming experience – by meeting up with people through this Network, it is our aim to:

  • improve the outlook and prospects of all LGBT at work
  • help our community to perform better by supporting them to be themselves
  • provide a ‘safe space’ to share ideas, concerns and experiences
  • connect people of all occupations and levels with others from different sectors


Membership is free, and by joining this Network, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend a series of events across the year featuring speakers, discussions and providing informal networking opportunities.
  • Meet with others who can potentially offer guidance and other perspectives on work-related issues.
  • See how employers demonstrate their commitment to diversity.
  • Find information to organisations and bodies that benefit to the LGBT community.
  • Share good practice.